Medical equipment

At Ufizorax we sell quality medical equipment. We do our best to pre-examine all used medical equipment and ensure efficient operation for all of our customers. Our team of trained experts can help you locate the right medical equipment to meet … Read More

Agricultural products

​We are a significant contributor to the agricultural industry in EU, connecting agricultural commodities safely and efficiently between growers and customers in EU. We originate, handle, store, transport and market a range of agricultural commodities, including wheat, barley, oilseeds, pulses, … Read More


IntroductionOnly with mass production being aided by modern technology and intensive marketing can the agriculturist exploit both the domestic market as well as the international market to the fullest extent. The volume of production depends not only on the capital … Read More

The products you use for cleaning

Household ProductsThe products you use for cleaning, carpentry, auto repair, gardening, and many other household uses can contain ingredients that can harm you, your family, and the environment. These include Oven and drain cleaners Laundry powder Floor polish Paint thinners, … Read More

5 top tips for grooming tools

Extend the life of electric shavers, straightening irons and hair dryers Rechargeable shavers or groomers should be fully charged before your first use them. Recharge them only when the battery runs out. To clean small electricals, make sure they are … Read More

Our approach

Materials and equipmentUfizorax supplies all kind of materials, equipment and tools to the construction industry and for shipbuilding & repair. We are able to source required items from a worldwide network of preferred suppliers and manufacturers, resulting in short delivery times … Read More


The customer is our first priorityCustomers often consult Ufizorax before they even start their projects. Their hard-earned trust and the reliable quality of Geroquip’s products and services are at the core of its reputation of excellence. By collaborating with its customers on their projects and by offering … Read More

Products for integrated solutions

Building, expanding, diversifying our businessOver the years, Ufizorax as expanded its range of products to include surface preparation machines, placing and finishing equipment such as walk-behind and ride-on power trowels, gas and battery-powered vibrating screeds, hand tools and trowels, etc. We also … Read More

Smart shopping

Try our top tips for smart clothes shopping, including buying and finding good quality second hand garments: Try to go clothes shopping with a clear idea of what you intend to buy. It is so easy to get distracted and end … Read More

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